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Anonymous asked:

i love all of your picks! but is there really a chance that she would wear a dress from past years like those? i thought they always choose-fresh of the runway looks?

Usually they do, but I think she mentioned in an interview that she was wearing vintage Dior tonight. Anyone have the link?


Anonymous asked:

what do you think jen will wear tonight ? bold color ? neutral ? tight dress ? flawy drew ? .. etc. I am feeling a bold color and bold makeup

I would love to see Jen in a bold color like this blue one from Dior’s Poison Perfume Ad or this red tiered one from 2007, but if they play it safe it will probably be something like this black and white dress from 2012 or this wedding dress from 2008. My dream picks would be something draped from 2006 like this crazy one or this amazing grecian one (disregard the robot arms!). Bold makeup would be great, girl knows how to pull off a smoky eye!

White embossed crop tops and high-waisted skirts inspired by Jennifer Lawrence’s Giambattista Valli outfit.

A: River Island - Embossed Turtleneck - $20

B: Threadsence - Supernova Sequin Top - $48

C: UO - Textured Boxy Swing Top - $34

D: NastyGal - Wild Romance Crop Top - $48

E: ASOS - Embossed Pencil Skirt - $41

F: NastyGal - Snow Days Sequin Skirt - $34

G: River Island - Embossed Tube Skirt - $24

H: F21 - Diamond Textured Mini Skirt - $12


Anonymous asked:

can you find some cheaper alternatives to the outfit she wore on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart November 21st, 2013? I love it so much but I really can't afford it hahahah thank you :)

I will start looking! Do you want just all white or the embossed print too?

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