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Anonymous asked:

where I can find the cropped top that Jennifer wore in London, for the Catching Fire press conference?

I actually just found this one…It’s queued to post tomorrow, but it is $146. Do you want a dressforless too?

Chambray Shirts and Twist Skirts inspired by the outfit Jennifer Lawrence wore on May 25th, 2014 in Cologne.

A: Mossimo - Light Denim Shirt - $12

B: Old Navy- Classic Chambray Shirt - $25

C: Calvin Klein - Roll Up Sleeve Blouse - $45

D: American Eagle - Chambray Button Down - $35

E: Dirty Ballerina - Twist Body-Con Skirt - $38

F: Lush - Ruched Jersey Skirt - $28

G: Daily Look - Twisted High-Low Skirt - $25

H: Tobi - Twisted Max Skirt - $44


Anonymous asked:

I think Jen wore Victoria Beckham on Seth Meyers, but I can't find it in a collection. Do you know what she wore on Kelly & Michael this morning?

She wore a Dolce & Gabbana dress and Nicholas Kirkwood shoes.

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